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The Impact Of Music Therapy On Health And Wellness


Thanks for giving your valuable time reading this article. Today I want to serve something unique from the platform of our website. As it is the era of fast development, nobody has time to stand and stare. Everybody is busy with hactic schedules from early morning to late nights irrespective of age group or profession. We are living in jungles of cement and concrete, with ease of air conditioners, coolers we are going away from the nature. Don`t you think like this ? Just recall, when at last you had heard beautiful chirping of a bird with peace of your mind and soul ?

Here is a short clipping for your hearing, just spend your valuable minutes with us and feel the difference on your own after that. The condition to be followed here is that you have to close your eyes, listen it by just trying to relax your mind from all external worries for particular period of time.

Ancient Greek poets credit bird sounds and songs as EARLIEST POETRY. There are all essential elements of a perfect music as melody, rhythm, structure, pitch, duration, amplification, timbre, tempo in this. It is the basic foundation for the Occupational Therapists using Music therapy as a part of Rehabilitation Medicine, Modern Anesthetic doctors using music support to undertake patient`s complicated Surgeries under hands of experts with this modality.

Now you will think about its benefits, right ? Of course human nature is to find benefits everywhere, but birds give you tremendous benefits without getting anything from you. There is splendid power of NATURE to even change your nature if you support. Basically hearing of pretty sounds like this helps you by inspiring you to sing inside silently, reduces stress hormone levels, eases mind and discomfort at multiple levels, controls panic attacks, provokes relaxation, sooths the gut mechanisms & much more.

This is our humble try to make you feel the nature. Be in touch with nature and stay healthy and happy. Just do self experience, we would like your any comments for this on our website.

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Thanks for your patience listening.

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