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Health Benefits Of Lavender Oil


Derived from

fresh flowers of Lavandula angustofolia plant which is flowering plant in family Laminaceae native to Mediterranean ( Spain , France , Italy , Croatia etc . )

Salient features:
  • most versatile of all essential oils
  • antioxidant with excellent aroma
  • promotes circulation
  • relaxing effects on body

Health benefits:

Highly regarded for skin
  • cleanse cuts , bruises , skin irritations
  • improves eczema , psoriasis
  • restores skin complexion , reduces acne
Pain reliever in various conditions
  • pain from burns , cuts
  • massage sore muscles
  • head ache , migraine
Other uses
  • deoderant
  • hay fever
  • motion sickness
  • eliminates nervous tension
  • improves sleep
  • helps in respiratory problems of cough , sinusitis , asthmatics
How to use:
  • rub few drops of oil on & around wounded skin for healing purpose.
  • add in epsom salt bath for excellent calming and soothing.
  • rub 2 - 3 drops in palms , inhale deeply then rub on feet , temple , wrists or anywhere on the body to get immediate calming effects.

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