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Definitions   -  As  used  herewith  following terms shall have meanings set forth herewith .

  • You  means  the  user  of  the website either registered or non registered.
  • The  Site  means
  • We  mean Dr. Bhagyesh Patel ( Founder - ) , Dr. Purva Patel ( Director ) & our team of co ordinators.
  • Terms of  Services  mean  Terms  of  conditions  ,  Privacy policy & Disclaimer.
  • Services  mean  use of system , patient  management , electronic medical records services , health blogs , case  studies  , audio video assistance  and  other  content    as may be  added up from time to time.
  • Account  means  credit or debit balance maintained by you with the website.
  • System  means  technological platform  required  as part of the website consisting of hardware or software to provide services.
  • Effective date  means date on which  you accept  the  Terms.


  • By reviewing or registering the site , you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms of Services without any conditions . It represents here that you are fully concious , oriented and not having any impaired judgment from any type of illness or under effect of any medication or intoxication or else.
  • You are unauthorized to use this site if you are below 18 years and / or if you disagree to Terms of Services.
  • The site is unique platform to provide you best possible health assistance with our expertise, it does not accept any responsibility for any medical , outcome related to services , financial or legal events through use of the site.
  • Relying upon any information given on the site is totally at your own risk and without warranty of any kind. The information on the site including audio , video assistance , query narrations is not a substitute of professional medical advise of in person examination , as it is of general information purpose. Before acting upon any medications or other treatment , you agree to always consult your doctor or qualified health care provider.
  • In case of suspected Emergency , the site never encourage to follow any suggestions except contacting Emergency helpline number for medical assistance in your country immediately.
  • Keep yourself update with latest versions of the Terms of services which are subject to be modified from time to time without prior notice to you as you accept herewith.
  • Site is not prescribing medicines but giving guidelines of suitable molecules based on your symptoms and provided data & we always recommend to ask your doctor before using it. Site does not claim for any clinical diagnosis rather this platform tries to help you to understand the issue more precisely and make yourself more comfortable before or after visiting the doctor.
  • We reserve the rights to place any third party advertisements without any prior notice on the site , the reliability of which is to be decided by the user .
  • You agree to pay the mentioned amounts for the respective category of packages in advance for availing the services after finishing the quota of free questions , though you can use our health blogs and case studies free of charge for lifetime.
  • All charges are exclusive of taxes . We reserve rights to collect at anytime in future if we have to pay to govt.
  • Your account will automatically get deactivated once subscription period is over , though prior notice will be given through email & SMS to keep it active for next desired period of time. No reactivation fees , you can always join us without any of reactivation charges .
  • Changes in the fee of paid services will be done only after prior notifications to users.
  • No third party access , you are the only authorized person to access the site.
  • You will install and maintain configurated system to receive our services.You are responsible for any charges you incur to use the system as phone , equipment charges.
  • From whatever corner of the world you are using the site , you are responsible for the compliance with your own jurisdiction.
  • You agree that jurisdiction of any dispute with resides in the courts of India & you further consent to personal jurisdiction in the courts of Gandhinagar , Gujarat , India in relation with any dispute including any claim involving the site , director or content providers.
  • These Terms of Services are governed by Indian laws . If its any provision is claimed invalid by any competent court , remaining provisions stay as usual.
  • We reserve the rights to discontinue membership of any user with genuine reasons and deleting any objectionable and irrational material found anytime on the website posted by any of the user intentionally or unintentionally.
  • This document constitute agreement & set up legal relationship between you and service providers where there is conflict , this agreement will govern the situation without any doubts.
  • By using the site , you agree totally with our mentioned Terms of services.

We welcome you to our website heartly as a highly privileged personality and not as a customer. Through vast clinical experience of 18 years, Dr. Bhagyesh Patel has developed professional skills of reaching to the depth of any medical issue via highly planned comprehensive approach. We assure pinpoint evaluation of any particular case through details of history, symptoms, available reports, photographs considering all possible differential diagnosis within least possible time before giving final comments. We promise you for the best solutions to your queries from our website. Wishing you a very pleasant journey with us in the field of Digital Medical Support.