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Case Study 4

    • Patient Name
      Vanzara Amit Natubhai
    • Age
      3 years
    • Residence
      Naroda, Ahmedabad
    • Presenting Complains
      Swelling over penis since 1 day with excruciating pain
    • Past History
    • Drug History
      Analgesic, antibiotic syrup with no relief
    • Clinical Diagnosis
      Acute para phimosis
    • Reports Done
      Hemoglobin 9.8 gm/dl
    • Treatment
      Operated for Circumcision under General Anesthesia on 9/03/2018
    • Post Operative Care
      Hospital treatment with nursing care, IV antibiotics, dressing
    • Follow up Consultation
      11/03/2018 & 15/03/2018
      Circumcision is the gold standard treatment of acute para phimosis at any age.

Why case study

    • Patient was in agonising pain since 24 hours.
    • Patient was completely recovered within 2 days from first consultation on 09/03/2018.
    • Procedure and post operative period were totally pain free.


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