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Birth :

  • 11/07/1976(Gujarat, India)

Principles of life

  • '' BE POSITIVE '' & '' SERVICE ABOVE SELF '' (Dedicated Rotarian)

Educational qualifications :

  • M.B.B.S.
    (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery), Gujarat university - recognised by Medical Council of India (1998)
  • M.S
    (Master of Surgery) , Gujarat university - recognised by MCI (2002)
  • F. MAS
    (Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery) World Laparoscopy Hospital (2010)
  • ATLS
    (Advanced Trauma Life Support) , approved by American College of Surgeons committee on Trauma (2012)

Data till 21/08/2017

  • opd consultations

  • indoor patients

  • Assisted surgeries

  • Independent surgeries

  • Our operated patients range from age group of 10 days infant to 104 years old man.
  • Hospital owns Record 32 non-stop surgeries including 18 major surgeries withing 17.9 hours in 2008.
  • Keen interest in Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy with shortest operative time of 13 minutes!
  • Clinical cure rates - 93.5%.
  • In hospital mortality - 0.000023%.

Data till 21/08/2017


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  • ''Excellent reply to my question. Where are you Dr. Patel, so I can come to see you?''
  • ''I do believe you were right. Thanks for straight forward opinion.''
  • ''Thanks Dr. Patel. You gave me amazingly helpful answers.''
  • ''Excellent job in helping me. He was there when no other docs were. Would do this again. ''
  • ''Very calm, listens to all symptoms and gives proper guidance. ''
  • ''Very thankful for speedy and thorough response to my inquiry.''
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